The ECO-Floor has already acquired a notable reputation in the market for cowbarns. An optimum ‘walkable’ surface has been created with this exclusive mix of concrete and rubber. More than 1500 dairy farmers have already invested in the extremely durable ECO-Floor, either with new build barns or when renovating. Our website will outline the clear advantages of investing in an ECO-Floor and convince you that it is not only an excellent idea but also a durable one.


The ECO-Floors have been developed that they can be used as lowemission floor. The low-emission ECO-Floor has been fully measured and recognized in the Netherlands with a definitive emission factor of 6.0 kg NH3 per cow per year. A new variant of the ECO-Floor is the ECO-Separationfloor, which farmers can use in primary manure separation. This new floor will be extensively tested and measured in practice in the coming years.

Anders Beton: Productvideo ECO

Investing in the ECO-Floor is choosing
  • A proven technique with more than 1.500 references
  • High durability and long lifespan of the materials
  • Increased activity of your cows thanks to excellent walkability
  • Good claw health
  • Maximum grip for your cows and for yourself
  • Good and simple heat detection
  • An investment in higher productivity

Composition of the ECO-Floor

As standard, the ECO-Floor is suitable for vehicles with an axle load of up to 4 ton. As an option, axle loading can be increased to 10 ton for lengths of up to 300 cm, and 6 ton for lengths up to 400 cm. Openings have been created in the ECO-Floor for fitting the rubber inserts. The floor’s surface is profiled with the edges deburred.


Eco Beton
Eco beton zonder rubberen inserts

The rubber inserts (4cm thick) have been especially developed for the ECO-Floor. Each insert has two reinforcing glass fibre elements to absorb the horizontal forces when walked or driven on. Only high quality rubber is used, developed with cowbarn conditions in mind. We recommend reading the DLG report published on our website, which confirms its extreme durability.

Eco Beton-Rubber
Foto eco beton met klep

Due to the ECO-Floor's modular construction, the sealing valves can be installed before or after the barn has been in use. The valves are placed below the rubber inserts and allow the manure to pass through extremely well. You can ask us for a number of reference projects similar to your proposed cowbarn construction and arrange to visit a company using an ECO-Floor in practice. 

Eco beton doorsnede met klep en rubber

Emission factor in the Netherlands

Besluit Emissiearme Huisvesting final emissionfactor
BWL 2010.34V8 with EF 6.0 kg NH3

Emission factor in Flanders

PAS R-1.6 with 25% reduction

Additional information about the ECO-Floor


ECO-SLAT TYPE 1599.000
Axle load: 4.000 kg (wheel base 180cm - wheel print 30x40cm)
1599.200 200 115 18 663 kg
1599.220 220 115 18 773 kg
1599.230 230 115 18 824 kg
1599.240 240 115 18 859 kg
1599.248 248 115 18 821 kg
1599.250 250 115 18 825 kg
1599.260 260 115 18 891 kg
1599.270 270 115 18 937 kg
1599.298 298 115 18 969 kg
1599.300 300 115 18 973 kg
1599.325 325 115 18 1115 kg
1599.350 350 115 18 1171 kg
1599.375 375 115 18 1300 kg
1599.400 400 115 18 1321 kg
Axle load: 10.000 kg (wheel base 200cm - wheel print 40x40cm)
1899.200 200 115 18 675 kg
1899.220 220 115 18 787 kg
1899.230 230 115 18 839 kg
1899.240 240 115 18 874 kg
1899.250 250 115 18 840 kg
1899.260 260 115 18 911 kg
1899.270 270 115 18 961 kg
1899.300 300 115 18 1000 kg
*The rubbers and valves are not included in the weight

ECO-Floor for renovation

Carrying out a new-build project with ECO-Floor is often accompanied by a renovation of the older barn. ECO-Renovation slats are the ideal solution for this. The height and length are geared to commonly used dimensions of old concrete slats.

ontdek onze eco-Vloer voor renovatie

Omschrijving Type
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Fokus Test 6186F: Eco-Floor: Research on compressibility / resilience / wear (German) Reports & Certificates Download
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