PURO calf flooring

Especially for veal calves, Anders Beton has developed a slat with longitudinal slots that combines the manure passage of traditional wooden slats with the durability of concrete.

In combination with a rubber mat, this cassette slat is recognized as a welfare floor in the Netherlands for both rosé and white meat calves. We sell this floor under the brand name PURO.

The combination of long slots, narrow beam width and the subtle wave profile in the rubber mat ensure an excellent manure passage and thus pure, healthy calves. The rubber top layer is also provided with a square relief drawing, which gives it an  increased slip resistance.

The rubber mat can easily be installed yourself (possibly later).

Benefits of the PURO calf flooring
  • Durability of concrete
  • Animal friendly
  • Excellent manure passage
  • Increased slip resistance
  • Rubber mats can easily be installed yourself

Information PURO calf flooring


Calf slat type 15.099.000

Application: Calves
Slot width: 35 mm. Tolerances in accordance with EN12737. Slot width rubber: 30 mm.
Load bearing class: A3 - up to 825 kg animal weight
Surface: Tranditionally sanded
The weights in this table do not include the rubber mats.

200** 115 18   15.099.200
250* 115 18 666 kg 15.099.250
275** 115 18   15.099.275
300 115 18 795 kg 15.099.300
325* 115 18 884 kg 15.099.325
350* 115 18 940 kg 15.099.350
375 115 18 1004 kg 15.099.375
400 115 18 1037 kg 15.099.400

* Available as of March 2020
** Available as of May 2020 

Luc Arts, Haps (NL)
Omschrijving Type
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