Ventilation slat longitudinal slot

Increasingly strict quality requirements of the products to be sanded make ventilation a well thought-out and well-considered choice. Ventilation slats from Anders Beton have been used in storage facilities for many years and guarantee a qualitative passable floor with a proportional air distribution.

Advantages of the ventilation slat longitudinal slot
  • 5 solid beams
  • Axle loads up to 20 tons
  • High production capacity
  • Standard with short slots

Extra information Ventilation slat longitudinal slot

All ventilation slats from Anders Beton are manufactured with a high-quality concrete composition with a strength class of C50 / 60 and a water-cement ratio of 0.40.

The conscious choice of short longitudinal slots provides a structurally ideal configuration.

The short slots (190-210 mm) reduce damage as much as possible. The slat is made up of 5 solid beams with cross connections so that the floor is passable for heavy loads. The conical shape ensures an ideal air passage.

The ventilation slats are produced with 2 head pieces, which creates a long connection slot every meter. In this way, channels can be closed at partially filled storage locations.

Ventilation slats from Anders Beton are standardly reinforced for an axle load of 11.5 tonnes. Higher axle loads up to and including 15 tons are possible in the same thickness (20 cm) thanks to an excellent load distribution over the 5 solid beams.


Ventilation slat for storage of potatoes and onions Type 660.000VEN

Load-bearing: 11,500 kg (wheel base 200cm - wheel print 40x40cm)
200 100 20 823 kg 660.200VEN
250 100 20 1040 kg 660.250VEN
300 100 20 1235 kg 660.300VEN


Are also available: ventilation slats for storage of potatoes and onions EXTRA STRONG 15 tons of axle load deflection 200-250-300 type 660.000EZ.

We produce these ventilation slats with extra reinforcement so that the deflection is limited and the risk of damage to the connection slot is limited.

Ventilation slat type 600.000

Load-bearing: 10,000 kg (wheel base 200cm - wheel print 40x40cm)
100 100 18 325 kg 600.100
120 100 18 390 kg 600.120
150 100 18 485 kg 600.150
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